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Easyaca Academy is a platform dedicated to academic services covered by Hubei Zhongke Geological and Environmental Technology Service Center. Easyaca Academy is committed to preparing and organizing international academic conferences on engineering technology. We intend to provide a professional and practical communication platform for scientific and technical personnel in various fields, and related services of various scientific researches by integrating high-quality resources in academic fields at home and abroad.


Easyaca Academy has established good cooperative relations with well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutions in the past eight years. It has successfully held dozens of large and medium-sized international academic conferences, and relevant conference papers have been accepted by EI. In addition, we integrate expert resources from various fields at home and abroad to provide professional and guaranteed SCI, EI journal paper services (paper proofreading, academic translation, assist to publish papers, comprehensive customized services, etc.) and scientific and technological information services (fund bid services, research projects novelty retrieval etc.). Easyaca Academy has offered academic services to more than 15,000 people. So it was widely well-admired.


In order to meet the needs of business development, we sincerely welcome paper editor of university and research institutes to join us.

招募对象及要求 Recruitment and requirement 


Postgraduates, scientific personnel, teachers, engineers, and talents in other related filed 


Give priority to those who are interested in editing with certain academic resources.


Have strong organization and coordination ability.


Possess strong sense of responsibility and service awareness.


Recommendation and self-recommendation are warmly welcome.

工作内容 Work contents


Take charge of promotion and advertisement


Call for papers 

薪酬待遇 Remuneration package


Basic salary and performance rate

其他福利 Other benefits


As an author, submission of conference papers is preferred and you can enjoy a partial or total paper charge waiver. Excellent papers can be recommended firstly for publishing in EI or SCI journals.


The recommended papers by you are reviewed first. Meanwhile we will give preference to yours.


You can enjoy preferential services such as paper polishing, academic translation, and assistance in publishing.

联系方式 Contact Information 

电话:027-87332517、18571548754(李老师 Mr. Li)



Address: Room 2703, Future City A, Luoshi Road, Wuhan, China (next to Wuhan University of Technology)