EI Retrieval


When searching whether a paper can be retrieved in EI, the most authoritative way is to directly enter the EI database, input the English title and click "search", if you can find the results (usually only one result, because the title is unique), this paper has been included in the EI database, if there is no result, this prove that the paper has not yet come into the EI database.


This is the official website of EI database: http://www.engineeringvillage.com/

这个是EI公司的官网:http://www.elsevier.com/ (查论文是否进EI,这个网址不需要)

This is the official website of EI company: http://www.elsevier.com/ (to check if a paper enters EI, this website is not needed)


The two official websites (EI company and EI database) are totally different in their functions.


The official website of EI database is used to query whether a paper is included in the EI database, search the EI index number of a paper and download the paper. It is just a collection of many academic papers, with little other resource information.


Special note: you need to log in to access this EI database web directly, otherwise you cannot query the paper. Only some universities that have purchased EI database can log in the official website of EI database to check the thesis through the school Intranet.


The following figure illustrates the specific search method (provided that you have entered the EI database) :