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EI检索就是工程索引:《工程索引》(The Engineering Index,简称EI)创刊于1884年,是美国工程信息公司(Engineering information Inc.)出版的著名工程技术类综合性检索工具。EI检索每月出版1期,文摘1.3万至1.4万条;每期附有主题索引与作者索引;每年还另外出版年卷本和年度索引,年度索引还增加了作者单位索引。收录文献几乎涉及工程技术各个领域。例如:动力、电工、电子、自动控制、矿冶、金属工艺、机械制造、管理、土建、水利、教育工程等。EI检索具有综合性强、资料来源广、地理覆盖面广、报道量大、报道质量高、权威性强等特点。

EI, as known as The Engineering Index, was founded in 1884. It is a distinguished synthetic retrieval tool on engineering and technique published by Engineering Information Inc. EI is published every month. There are about 13,000 to 14,000 abstracts. Every issue contains subject index and author index. There's more. It also publishes annual volume and annual index with author unit index. The literature almost involved in every aspect of engineering fields. For example: dynamics, electrical engineering, electronics, automatic control engineering, mining and metallurgy, metallurgical technology, mechanics, management, civil engineering, water conservancy, and educational engineering. EI is featured with high-syntheses, wide sources, broad coverage, huge news coverage, high quality of the news report, and authoritative.


Easyace Academy is absorbed in international academic conferences and paper service on EI and SCI (proofreading service, scholarly translation, assist to publish papers, all-rounded custom service and so on) since it was founded. We invited hundreds of correlative research experts at home and abroad to give reports and have successfully sponsored dozens of international academic conferences, which work together with numerous universities and societies such as Wuhan University of Technology, Shaanxi Civil Construction Society, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan Institute of Technology, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Hubei Civil Engineering and Architecture Society. Up to now, we receive over 4,000 submissions from the community public figures. The manuscripts were accepted by EI and CPCI. The service of author amounts over 15,000. The paper collections of conferences held by Easyace Academy can be retrieved after they come out within 3 to 12 months.


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